Trial operation of the stationary rock analyzer AGP-F has been carried out at Kovdorsky Mining and Processing Plant JSC since March 4, 2019.
The installation performs express analysis of slurry samples of apatite, magnetite and apatite-staffelin ore taken in a quarry, without any sample preparation. During this time, the neutron generator was replaced only once. The intensity of the neutron generator practically did not change until the end of its service life and was equal to 5.11x10 ^7 n/s for the entire period of operation. The gamma detector system operated throughout the entire period without any interruptions or failures. The standard deviation of the change in the energy resolution of gamma detectors during the OPE was rms deviation(GE) = 0.01%. Electronics systems, power detectors, climate control, and the OPE container worked normally all the time. There were no breakdowns or malfunctions during the OPE. The calibration dependence was fixed and changed only twice during operation.