Remote non-destructive elemental analysis for various applications:

- ore sampling in situ without sample preparation

- elemental composition control of the ore on the conveyor

- explosives detection inside large shipping containers

- non-distructive diamonds within the kimberlite ore without destroying it

Elemental analysis

by tagged neutron method

How does it work:

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Tagged neutron method

A new technology that allows non-destructive remote control of the elemental composition of a substance and determines the concentration of 25 elements

The operation principle of tagged neutron method (TNM)

Possibilities of the tagged neutron method

Online analysis of large masses of ore on the conveyor

Obtaining data on the elemental composition of a substance on a conveyor every 40-60 seconds

Ore analysis without sample preparation

Sample analysis without any sample preparation. The result of the analysis does not depend on the moisture content of the sample.

Detection of explosives in large vehicles

The high penetrating power of fast neutrons allows for inspection of even large vehicles

3D Elements Analysis

Allows you to determine all three coordinates of the area in which elemental analysis is performed. It is possible to find diamond inside kimbrelite rock without crushing it.

Determination of the concentration of light elements C, N, O, P

Possibility of direct determination of carbon content

Background from the environment is suppressed 200 times

Approbation of the method

В июне 2021 г. начата опытная эксплуатация потокового анализатора АГП-К-1 на агломерационной фабрике №2 коксоаглодоменного производства ПАО «Северсталь» (г.Череповец). Анализатор определяет элементный состав агломерационной шихты в режиме реального времени, без проботбора.

In June 2021, trial operation of the AGP-K-1 flow analyzer began at sinter plant No. 2 of the coke-sintering blast furnace production of PJSC Severstal (Cherepovets). The analyzer determines the elemental composition of the sinter mixture in real time, without sampling.

In September 2021, operation of the AGP-K-2 flow analyzer began at the underground mine of the Oleniy Ruchey mining and processing enterprise of North-West Physics Plant JSC. An elemental analysis of apatite-nepheline ore moving along the conveyor is being carried out. Every 40-60 seconds, data on the concentrations of Al, Ca, C, Fe, Mg, Na, P, Si, Ti, and the corresponding oxides is provided.

В сентябре 2021 г. начата эксплуатация потокового анализатора АГП-К-2 на подземном руднике ГОК «Олений ручей» АО «СЗФК». Проводится элементный анализ апатит-нефелиновой руды, идущей по конвейеру. Каждые 40-60 сек предоставляются данные по концентрациям Al, Ca, C, Fe, Mg, Na, P, Si, Ti, и соответствующим оксидам.
  • The research is carried out with grant support from the Skolkovo Foundation.
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