Проект ООО «Диамант» «Конвейерный анализатор АГП-К» вошел в число пяти финалистов V Конкурса кейсов цифровой трансформации и прорывных технологий предприятий горнодобывающей и горно- металлургической отраслей в номинации MineTech.
The project of Diamant LLC “AGP-K Conveyor Analyzer” was among the five finalists of the V Competition of cases of digital transformation and breakthrough technologies of mining and mining enterprises.
metallurgical industries in the MineTech nomination. More than 200 companies and startups with innovative products participated in the competition.

Сообщение Объединенного института ядерных исследований (г.Дубна) о совместном с ООО «Диамант» проекте по созданию мобильного измерителя концентрации углерода в почве.
Report from the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (Dubna) on a joint project with Diamant LLC to create a mobile meter for carbon concentration in soil.

Пресс-релиз инвестиционного портала Московской области о разработке конвейерного анализатора АГП-К
Press release from the investment portal of the Moscow region about the development of the AGP-K conveyor analyzer

Стационарный анализатор горных пород АГП-Ф установлен в Стойленском ГОК для анализа элементного состава бурового шлама Стойленского железорудного месторождения.
The stationary rock analyzer AGP-F was installed at the Stoilensky mining and processing plant to analyze the elemental composition of drill cuttings from the Stoilensky iron ore deposit.

Electronic version of the Severstal newspaper No. 49. In the sintering shop No. 2 of the coke-sintering blast furnace production (AGTs-2 KADP) ChermMK is preparing for installation of another batch analyzer unit.


Diamant LLC's project "On-line conveyor analyzer" took second place in the competition of the industry acceleration program MineTech 2021 (
aimed at finding and developing technological solutions in the mining industry.
More than 250 technology startups with an innovative product participated in the competition.


The project of Diamant LLC "Determination of the elemental composition of mineral raw materials on a conveyor using the tagged neutron method" took second place in the competition of innovative and technological projects in the field of metallurgy "SteelStart 2021"


In the underground mine of the Oleniy Ruchey mining and processing complex of NWPC JSC, the AGP-K-2 conveyor analyzer began operation, designed for elemental analysis of apatite-nepheline ore in real time, without any sampling.


Based on the results of the acceleration program of PJSC Severstal, the Diamant solution for elemental analysis of charge flow was selected for implementation.