technical means

additional inspection


Explosives and drugs detector

for large vehicles

Based on the tagged neutron method

Certificate of conformity

FSB No. 00076

Areas of use

  • Railways

    Additional inspection of wagons of any shape
  • Ports and customs

    Inspection without opening containers, as part of an inspection complex
  • Car roads

    Identification of suspicious objects based on target designation by IDK

Approach and principles


Information booklet

Scheme of work

  • 1

    Receiving target designation

    Car number, coordinates of the suspicious area
  • 2

    Moving the unit

    Using GLONASS/GPS coordinates to the desired car
  • 3

    Finding the inspection area

    Using the video analytics module
  • 4

    Taking a measurement

    15 min
  • 5

    Determination of the elemental composition of the inspection area and decision making

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