Neutron separator

for detection



A neutron separator detects diamonds within kimberlite rock at a ratio of diamond size to ore size of 1 to 10.

Detects low-luminous diamonds and “jacketed” diamonds.

Installation capacity – 1000 kg of ore per hour

Operating principle

The tagged neutron method makes it possible to detect diamond in kimberlite rock without destroying it.

The rock is irradiated with fast neutrons of 14 MeV from the reaction d + t −> α + n.

The distribution of carbon in the rock is analyzed using the 4.44 MeV gamma line.

The hallmark of a diamond is the detection of increased local carbon content.


Diamonds were discovered in 200-300 mm kimberlite samples.

(Article “Detection of Diamonds in Kimberlite by the Tagged Neutron Method” in the journal “Nuclear Instruments and Methods”).

The separator was tested at the processing plant of the Lomonosov Mining and Processing Plant of PJSC Severalmaz.

Neutron separator
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